Welcome to #SpoilYourselfSunday, where we celebrate simple and frugal ways to enjoy a little me-time. Did you know Scotch tape was released on the market today in 1930? Yep, January 31 is Scotch Tape Day! Celebrate with us by reading about our favorite ways to hack our makeup and beauty routines using Scotch tape.
Click through for our top 9 Scotch tape beauty hacks!

1. Swipe on #flawless winged liner in seconds

You may have seen this trick around the internet, but it's a classic tape hack, so it's goin' on the list! For the perfect winged eyeliner or cat eye (every time!), just stick a piece of tape at the outside corner of your eye at a diagonal, pointing up and out toward your temples/ears. Then draw on your cat eye with some liquid liner, wait for it to dry, then carefully peel off the tape. Et voila! A gorgeous, precise wing. No need to hold a spoon anymore!

2. Clean up flaky foundation

If you have super dry skin (I feel you, girl!) then putting on foundation can feel like fighting an uphill battle against flakiness, which we can all agree is not cute. So, if you spot a few flakes, just grab a piece of tape! Smooth the tape on (sticky side down, of course) the areas where you have flakeys. Wait a minute, then carefully peel off the tape, and gawk in horror/wonder at the gross little bits of skin on your tape. We share this tip via Alexandra of Alexandra's Girly Talk; she's been using it for over 4 years, so you know when she swears by it, it's the real deal!

3. Create a crisp, clean manicure

Tired of covering your cuticles in nail polish by accident? If you're not down with the idea of smearing glue around your nails to prevent polish seepage, try tape! Cover the skin around your nail with a few small pieces of Scotch tape, then paint away! No matter how messy you are or how much your hands shake, you'll end up with a salon-worthy mani! Every. Single. Time. #Foolproof

4. Master the smokey eye

With a bit of Scotch tape and some patience, you, too, can become a master of the legendary smokey eye! If you're going for a low-key, natural-looking smoky look, just place a piece of tape at the corner of your eye, as if you're going to toss on some winged liner. Then sweep on a few shades of neutral brown (darkest on the outside and in the crease, lightest on the brow bone and in the inner corner) and blend.
If you're going for a more traditional smokey eye, and you piled on too much dark shadow, grab a piece of tape and wrap it around your fingers, sticky side out. Dab lightly on the excess shadow to remove it, and blend!

5. Sweep up eyeshadow fallout

Of course you could just wait until after you finish your smokey eye to put on your foundation, but if that just feels wrong, we've got you covered. If some of that smoky eyeshadow falls onto your cheek or undereye, wrap a piece of Scotch tape around your fingers with the sticky side out. Tap it on the back of your hand a few times to take some of the stickiness away (so you don't pull off your foundation) and then lightly dab it over the extra shadow. The tape will pick up the fallout and leave behind your effortlessly smooth foundation in seconds!

6. Get those brows #onfleek

To say I'm a huge fan of the #browsonfleek hashtag (and beauty movement?) might be the understatement of the century. But we don't all have the time (or motor skills) to devote to creating that perfectly crisp under-brow line. No worries - your fave roll of Scotch tape has your back! Place a small piece of tape right under your brow so that the top edge of the tape is right on the bottom edge of your eyebrow (or where you want your eyebrow to come down to). Then draw or powder in your brows to fill them in, and peel off the tape for a perfectly precise brow every time!

7. Snatch the lint off your fave coat

I don't know about you, but my absolute favorite winter coat is bright red and some kind of fabric that picks up lint, threads, and bits of yarn like a high-powered magnet. Not a cute combo. If your coat looks like the bulletin board in your college dorm room, it's time for a little lint-rolling action. But what if you don't have a lint roller? Just wrap some tape around your hand, sticky side out, then run that Scotched-up hand all over your coat, shirt, or pants to pick up all those lint balls and other questionable fabric mites and morsels.

8. Prevent mascara smudgies

I wear mascara religiously, so I'm very familiar with the under-eye gets-all-up-in-your-concealer mascara smudge that seems to happen no matter what you do. Soooo annoying (and uncute). To prevent that raccoon eye look, just smooth a piece of Scotch tape right under your eye before you apply mascara, and pull off gently once your lashes are dry. Perfection!

9. Make geometric nail art a snap

Let's all make a pact to get our Scotch on and rock some glam nails in spite of our inability to hold a brush steady! Cut out little lines or shapes in some Scotch tape and stick them on your nails, then paint on your polish on top. Once your nail polish is dry, you can peel off the tape for a super-easy negative space mani! For a more colorful look, you can paint on a base coat and then adhere your "stickers" once it dries, and polish over top in a complementary color. Then when you peel off the tape, your original color will peek through. Cute!

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