9 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

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Moms are the best and setting aside one day a year to celebrate them hardly seems like enough! So you want the perfect gift to let your mom know just how much you love and appreciate her- and we’ve got some ideas!

1. Mug:

Okay, a mug might seem like a typical gift, but if your mom is a serious coffee or tea drinker, she knows that the right mug really makes a difference. You want the perfect heaviness and size, and a cute or touching saying on the outside doesn’t hurt, either!

2. Cleaning session:

Treat your mom to some housecleaning! Offer her a day of cleaning that you can do yourself, or hire an agency to do the job and give your mom a break.

3. Pajamas:

A great outfit can make your day, but for lounging and relaxing around the house, there’s nothing like a great pair of pj’s. Sure, we all have the comfy sweatpants and tee combo we love, but a special pair of pajamas up the luxury level a thousand times, and doesn’t Mom deserve that?

4. Succulent plants:

Flowers are the classic Mother’s Day gift, and there’s no arguing that they make a good choice, but fresh flowers die, and taking care of plants is a commitment, so go for a pretty succulent plant, which is the perfect mix of beauty and easy care.

5. Picture frame:

All moms love to display family photos, so a special frame makes a perfect gift. If your mom is into home decor you can go for a nice framed piece of art, too.

6. Custom phone case:

Make up a custom phone case using photos or art your mom loves. She’ll think of you every time she looks at her phone!

7. Homemade goodies:

Time to treat your mom to some delicious home cooked or baked goodies! Bake her a special cake or batch of cookies, or cook her favorite dinner while she relaxes.

8. Plan an outing:

It doesn’t have to be a big deal- even an afternoon at a museum or the movies is a nice idea. Buy tickets and plan something nice for your mom to do with you or some friends.

9. Healthy food basket:

Prepare a basket full of healthy snacks and meal prep items so your mom has them handy.

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