This #ThrowbackThursday, it's also New Years Eve! It can be tough to keep the kids occupied AND have a good time with your adult friends while on a budget, but we're determined to help you do it! We just posted these FREE printable party games for adults, so here we've collected our favorite NYE games for all ages!
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Game Ideas for Young Kids

1. Indoor New Years Treasure Hunt: Hide New Years-related items around the house and give the kids a set of clues to find them! Each found item earns a point, so there are no losers!

2. The Popcorn Olympics: Pop a whole bunch of popcorn, and let the kids pick the games! Here's a whole collection of super simple popcorn games via Or So She Says that only require straws, cups, and/or bowls.

3. Don't Eat Pete!: Here's a fun one from TheDatingDivas: Don't Eat Pete! All you need is a bag of M&Ms and this free printable game board. Instructions are on the board - this is such a fun game for kids, and they get to eat (a little) candy!

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Game Ideas for Teens and Adults

4. Guess that Resolution!: Have everyone write a resolution on a slip of paper and put them all into a hat or basket. Give each person a notepad or piece of paper to write with, then read the resolutions aloud one by one. Everyone should write down (in order) who they think wrote each resolution, and at the end the person with the most correct guesses wins!

5. How Do You Say "Happy New Year"?: Get this free printable from HowDoesShe. Then grab a pencil and try to guess which New Years well-wish is from which language! Print a bunch of copies so everyone can give it a go - then the person with the most correct guesses wins!

6. The What If Game: Get everyone a sheet of paper or index card and something to write with. Then have everyone sit in a circle and write one "what if..." statement on their paper, like "What if we celebrated New Years by dancing in the street?" Collect all the cards and redistribute them, making sure no one got their own card. Next, each person should write a "then" statement correlating to the "what if" statement they received, like "Then we'd all be really cold!". Finally, go around the circle and have everyone read their cards - BUT they'll only read the "what if" statement they received, and the person to their right should read their own "then" statement, until you've gone all the way around the circle - you'll end up with tons of hilarious, nonsensical responses!

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Game Ideas for Everyone!

7. Cookie Head: even adults can get into this one, and the kids will love it! Just split into two or three teams and select one member from each team to start. Place a cookie (whatever kind you like!) on each member's forehead. When you say "start!" each of the opposing team members has one minute to try to get their cookie from their forehead into their mouth - no hands allowed! You can let them start over if they drop it. When they get the cookie in their mouth, they get a point!

New Year Word Game: How many words can you make out of the letters in "Happy New Year"? For little kids, you can print and cut out the letters so they can rearrange them. Then give everyone a piece of paper to write down their words. You could have one winner or keep a running tally of points for each person to make it more fun.

9. Funny Face Contest: Grab your digital (or disposable!) camera and ask every guest to make their best funny face. Choose a prize (candy works great!) and tell everyone that the best funny face wins! You'll have a record of who came to your party AND a ton of hilarious photos!

If you're serving champagne for the adults, remember to make one of these non-alcoholic "champagne" recipes for the kids! And of course, don't forget to download this free Year End Time Capsule Questions printable so everyone can remember their favorite moments and make some resolutions for 2016!

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