9 Best Bargains For March

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We all like to get a good deal, don’t we? Money can get tight, so it’s important to stick to a budget. And besides, there’s something really satisfying about getting a bargain and making the most of your money. There are great deals to be had every month, and these are the best buys for March:

  1. Chocolate and candy: Leftover Valentine’s chocolate at a discount? Yes, please! Stores will want to get rid of this before stocking up for Easter, so make it work for you.
  2. Frozen food: March is National Frozen Food Month, which means that brands and retailers will have great prices. And since it’s frozen it won’t go bad, so stock up!
  3. Luggage: March is a pretty slow travel season- after the rush of the holidays and before the busy summer- which makes it a good time to buy new luggage. Prices will go up before summer travel season starts.
  4. Gardening supplies: Lots of stores have March sales on gardening supplies so you can get ready for the spring.
  5. Thrift shop bargains: Spring cleaning mean new inventory for thrift stores, which means great bargains for you.
  6. Winter sporting gear: Get the best prices of the year on skis and snowboards.
  7. Golf clubs: New models arrive in stores in the summer, so now is an opportunity for you to get great discounts on last year’s models.
  8. Air conditioners: Stores want to clear out the inventory from last year to make room for the new stock arriving in time for summer. Take advantage of low prices now.
  9. Outdoor grills: For the same reason, now’s a good time to get a new barbecue grill.

It’s always a good time for a bargain when you’re in the know!

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