8 Reasons To Love Makeup

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Makeup is great! There’s just something about a new tube of lipstick or a fresh coat of mascara- know what I mean? I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, so check out this post to find out how to get free Lancôme samples. Makeup is the ultimate accessory, and it never gets old. Here are some of the reasons we love makeup:

  1. It enhances natural beauty: Makeup is not fake at all; I think it’s actually the opposite because it highlights and enhances a person’s natural beauty.
  2. Creative expression: Applying and wearing makeup is actually an art form. People who apply is professionally are called makeup artists, you know.
  3. Confidence boost: There’s nothing like the confidence you get from the perfect red lipstick or the dramatic smoky eye.
  4. It’s fun: I’m not gonna lie here- makeup is fun. You can experiment with color and different styles.
  5. Change up your look: Part of the beauty of makeup is that it’s not temporary. You can change up your look depending on the occasion or your mood.
  6. Pampering: We all deserve some pampering and makeup is a great way to spend time on yourself.
  7. Covers up imperfections: I don’t mean to say that makeup is fake, because it’s not. But sometimes you need to cover up a zit or something else that makes you feel insecure, and makeup is there for you.
  8. It’s cheaper than clothes: Of course you can buy super pricey makeup, but you can also get some really great products at low prices. Makeup also doesn’t care if you’ve gained a few pounds- it will always fit!

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