7 Reasons You Need Music in Your Life

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If I have music, I’m good! Long drive? Intense workout? Cooking dinner? It’s all a lot easier for me when I have some music playing. Depending on my mood I can sing along or just enjoy listening to the professionals. My mood also helps me decide what type of music I want, and let me tell you, there’s a wide range. Basically, life is just richer with music. And it’s not just that music is nice to listen to, it’s actually good for you! And that’s something to celebrate, because how often is something you really love good for you? Here’s why we all need music in our lives:

1. It can relieve pain:

Really- pain relief without meds! It might not work all the time, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

2. It can help you focus:

Functional MRIs show that listening to music (specifically Baroque era music, but let’s just say all music) leads to changes in the brain that promote focus and memory.

3. It fuels your workout:

It’s sometimes hard to psyche yourself up for a workout, but listening to some great music makes it so much more enjoyable.

4. It makes you happy:

Plain and simple!

5. It makes your immune system strong:

Get your playlist going for flu season!

6. It reduces stress:

Music can relax you and make you calm. One study shows that listening to music can be just as effective as anti-anxiety medicine.

7. It improves heart health:

Music can give you cardiovascular benefits and reduce blood pressure.

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