7 Delicious Ways To Use Leftover Cake

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Yeah, I know- leftover cake! Don’t you just keep eating cake until it’s gone? What’s leftover cake, anyway? And yet it happens- we’ve all been “stuck” with extra cake at one time or another. Maybe you and your family really had your fill and there’s still cake. Or you baked or bought a cake for a special occasion and don’t want it sitting around tempting you after that. When there’s extra cake it almost feels like a crime to throw it out- it’s sad and wasteful, and we want to avoid that- so the good news is that you can use leftover cake in so many delicious and creative ways! And if you’re busy, or dieting, you can just put the cake in the freezer until you’re ready to deal with it and it will be fine!

1. Freeze it:

Most cakes should freeze well without a problem as long as you wrap them tightly in plastic wrap and then foil. You can’t very well serve a half finished cake, so slice it up and arrange it on a nice serving dish before bringing it to the table.

2. Cake pops: 

Crumble up the cake and mix with frosting. Roll into balls, put in a lollipop stick, and freeze for 30 minutes. Then dip into melted chocolate and roll into sprinkles, coconut, or whatever else you like.

3. Rum balls:

For a grown-up treat, mix cake crumbs with melted chocolate and liqueur of your choice, then roll into balls.

4. French toast:

For a different dessert, make cake french toast! For this you need cake without icing that’s not too crumbly. It will also work better if the cake has already started to dry out a bit.

5. Trifle:

Trifle is the one of the easiest and most impressive desserts you can make. Simply layer slices of cake with custard and fruit, and top with whipped cream. Pudding or mousse would also be delicious in place of custard.

6. Easy pie crust:

Crumble the cake and pat it into the bottom of a pie pan, then bake for about 10 minutes. Use it a crust for cheesecake or pudding pies.

7. Crumbs:

We all know you can turn leftover bread into breadcrumbs; do the same with cake and you get cake crumbs! Whir in the food processor, toast lightly, and use the crumbs to top ice cream, yogurt, applesauce, or oatmeal.

8. Ice cream mix-in:

Upgrade your ice cream! Mix chunks of cake into softened vanilla ice cream- that’s it!

9. Share it:

Everyone loves cake, so share the love! Bring your leftover cake to work, or send some to your neighbors.

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