6 Tips for Thick Eyelashes

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Let’s talk about eyelashes: what girl doesn’t want long, thick lashes? They’re like the symbol of femininity, instantly opening up your eyes and your face. I can’t tell you how much I love mascara- I’ve even been know to apply mascara on a day when I’m home all alone in my pj’s, simply because pretty lashes will make me feel good about myself. And what about extensions and fake lashes? It’s no wonder the lash business is a billion dollar industry! Well, maybe I made that up, but still…

Anyway, the quest for long, thick, healthy eyelashes is real, and you can take matters into your own hands with a few tips that can help yours grow in thick and pretty! Here’s what you can do:

1. Use castor oil:

People swear this is a magic potion, so it’s worth a shot! Apply a little organic castor oil to your lashes at bedtime. You should begin to see results in a few weeks.

2. Don’t rub your eyes:

Your eyelashes are delicate and rubbing your eyelids can pull them out.

3. Remove eye makeup:

Every night! You don’t want them to dry out and crack. Do this very gently, though.

4. Massage your eyelids:

Gently massage your eyelids to keep the blood flow to your eyelash follicles.

5. Brush them every day:

This also keeps them healthy.

6. Eat right and take supplements:

Your body needs vitamins B, D, and E , and biotin to make healthy lashes. Make sure to eat leafy greens and eggs.

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