6 Reasons Headphones Are Great

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Music is comforting, soothing, exciting, energizing, uplifting, and so many other things. And it can do different things for the same person at different times. I can’t imagine life without music- until I want something else, which is where I come right out and say that I think I’ve become a podcast junkie. And while I’m being honest here, I might as well admit that I’m sort of addicted to Instagram stories, too.

My point is that there’s always something to listen to and since I listen to so many things, I’ve come to realize that it’s so much better to listen with headphones. Really! Here are some reasons that headphones are so fabulous:

1. Sound quality:

There’s probably no speaker that gives you the sound quality you get with headphones. If you’re listening to something, it might as well sound the best it could!

2. Privacy:

Sometimes you don’t want to broadcast what you’re listening to to everyone around you. With headphones no one else can hear, so no one can make fun of your choice of music or judge you on your podcast topics.

3. They look cool:

Let’s be honest: when you wear a cool set of headphones you look cool! Beats headphones look cool already and they come in great colors that just up the coolness factor. You know you want a set, so click on the link to apply to be a Beats product tester! If selected, product testers get FREE headphones to try out AND those that provide original reviews may keep the test product (other rules may apply).

 4. Fewer interruptions:

When you’re wearing headphones, it’s obvious that you’re busy, so people will think before they try to get your attention. This is great for when you’re trying to get some work done, or you just want to relax without anyone bothering you.

5. Block outside noise:

With headphones you can block out whatever’s going on around you and just focus on what you’re listening to.

6. Meditation:

When you’re doing a guided meditation or relaxation, you’ll do so much better when you use headphones rather than your phone’s speaker. The sound goes directly into your ear and it really has a stronger impact. Try it and see the difference.

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