6 Essential Organization Hacks

organization hacks
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Having trouble organizing? Life can definitely get chaotic, and it is easy to sometimes fall behind on things like keeping your space orderly or managing your time well. Here are some ideas and hacks to get you started on your journey to reorganize your office, living space, or daily schedule!

1. Keep a daily planner: Weekly planners are a great way to keep your to-do-lists and calendar in one place. They come in all notebook sizes and have room to organize your weekly/daily responsibilities, holiday/birthday preparation, and write down important calendar dates in your year. Planners are great for documenting what you need to do/did every day and, therefore, may help you organize!

2. Use file folders and binders: File folders are great for organizing papers and categorizing them to keep your space from being littered with important papers everywhere. Binders are great for those essential papers you may need to carry on the go with you. Invest in using file folders and binders and neatly arrange them by category if you find that your papers are always a mess.

3. Get a shoe organizer for your closet: If you are always tripping over stranded shoes or don’t have a way to organize them neatly, get a shoe organizer! Hanging shoe organizers latch around the bar in your closet and have mini storage cubes for each pair of shoe. Bags and accessories can fit in these cubes too-helping your closet look a little bit more organized.

4. Recycle cans to use as makeup organizers: Looking to organize your makeup better? Recycle cans and paint them a cute color, then organize your makeup by type (i.e. face makeup, eye makeup, lips…), and put them on your vanity to keep your makeup available yet orderly.

5. Use a wire rack to hold hair products: Products for hair like hairsprays, mousses, and dry shampoos generally take up a lot of vanity space and always tend to knock over. Take a wire rack and mount it vertically, stacking the hair cans in the “shelves” to make a compact organizer for your tumbling hair products.

6. Use shower curtain hooks for your scarves: Scarves, sarongs, and head scarves can often take up a whole drawer of necessary space. To avoid this, take a hanger with a trouser bar, and using shower hooks, tie each scarf around the hook, and secure the hooks to the trouser bar to hold all your scarves on just one hanger! Then place the hanger in your closet as usual and relish in all the space-saving you did!


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