This #ThrowbackThursday, let's put our DIY belt on and get fixin'! Home repairs can eat into your budget with the speed and tenacity of a tapeworm if you let them, so why not DIY what you can?
Click through for 6 common and simple home repairs you can DIY to save big bucks!

1. The pesky leaky faucet

Everyone's been there. Suddenly the bathroom or kitchen faucet starts leaking - or worse, inexplicably spraying water all over one side of the room! Check out the below video for a tutorial on tightening up that old faucet - no plumber necessary!

2. The persistent roof leak

A homeowner's worst nightmare: a leaky roof. Not to worry! Even if you're no Handy Hannah, you can still patch up a little leak in your shingles! Click to watch the video below on fixing a leak in asphalt shingle roofing.

3. The running toilet

Is your toilet running? Then you should go and catch it!! We've all heard some version of that joke before. But when your toilet is actually running, it's not only annoying to hear - it's also wasting water and costing you unnecessary pennies. Watch the clip below to see how to fix a toilet that needs a valve replacement.

4. The loose or broken grout

Nobody wants to see grout fall into their drain while they're taking a shower. Broken or loose grout is an ugly problem to have, but not really a tough one to fix. If you can draw a straight(ish) line, you can do this DIY! Click for a short video on how to repair tile grout in your bathroom or kitchen.

5. The hole in the wall

You knew this one was coming. Everyone's put a little hole in the wall by accident before - moving furniture, or just being careless with a hammer - so why not learn how to fix it now in case it happens? Click below to watch a step-by-step video on repairing a hole in your drywall.

6. The broken dishwasher

Because who wants to wash dishes by hand anymore?? Learn how to troubleshoot ANY dishwasher issue by checking out this handy dandy guide to repairing a dishwasher - all by yourself, you smarty-pants, you!

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