5 Brilliantly Easy Ways To Make Money From Home

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Who knew that we’d be able to work from home in this day and age? If you’re a stay-at-home mom or just a regular person looking for a new opportunity to work remotely, these are some neat and unique ways to make money from home. Of course you need to be wary of the work-at-home scams that get caught in the internet here and there. But these are tried and trusted methods of making some extra bucks while working from the comforts of your lovely abode.

Create an e-course

Maybe you’re highly skilled in iPhone photography, baking cheesecakes, or creating a website. Whatever your skill sets are, most likely there is someone out there that could learn from you through an online course you can teach. When you already have pre-recorded courses available online for purchase at your desired fee, you can make money passively while you use your time on other things you enjoy doing.

Sell your stuff on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or Zazzle

One woman’s trash is another woman’s glorious treasure find. No kidding! I’ve personally sold close to thousands’ worth of clothes on these sites and within minutes had buyers ready to purchase my used goodies. From purses, shoes, furniture, clothing, home decor and pet supplies, I’ve sold a myriad of items I no longer had any use for. It was one of the easiest and fastest methods of getting rid of my clutter and tidying up my home. Tip: take good quality photos of your items to sell them even quicker and always meet at a public spot to make your sales.

Dog-sitting on DogVacay

This is truly a treat for someone who loves to play with dogs while getting paid for it. DogVacay is the perfect opportunity to connect with local pet owners who go away for vacation or holidays, and need a friendly sitter to look after their pup. It kind of works like Airbnb, where you’re rated by previous recommendations and experiences. For committed dog care-takers, you can even charge extra for dog grooming and walking.

Sell your photos as stock photography

Yep! You read correctly. You can sell your photography straight from your smartphone on Foap. Simply download the app, upload your photo and once approved by the Foap folks, your photography skills are on the market. Keep in mind that every time your photo sells for $10, you profit a total of $5. If you sell that same photo 15 times, well, you’re pocketing a nice little bundle of cash, simply for snapping a clean-cut photo.

Freelance your skills and online products

Maybe you’re experienced in logo design or video animation. Whatever your skill may be, you can market your freelance work on Fiverr and all the while, build awareness for your brand. While putting your creativity out into the market to make a buck, you’re simultaneously building word-of-mouth references that can help to grow your clientele.


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