16 Tips For Traveling On A Budget

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I could really use a vacation! Anyone else? If you’re working with a budget you might think a great summer vacation is out of your reach, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of little tricks you can use so that you can travel even if you’re counting your pennies. Read on for our top 16 tips for traveling on a budget!

  1. Negotiate. One of the most important tips to keep in mind is that nothing is set in stone. You can almost always negotiate for a better price or more perks. You may not get what you want but it always pays to try.
  2. Mention occasions. Let hotels and restaurants know if you’ll be celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any other important occasion and ask for a discount. At the very least you might score a bonus or an upgrade.
  3. Call the hotel directly. It’s easy to book through websites and travel services, but if you call the hotel directly you can speak to a manager who can help you with special deals and discounts.
  4. Know when to travel. You can save quite a bit on airfare if you travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Also check to see what time of the day is cheaper.
  5. Travel to and from alternate airports. You can save by flying to a city’s secondary airport.
  6. Book connecting flights. Often cheaper than flying direct.
  7. Shop in local supermarkets. You’ll save a lot by buying groceries in the supermarket instead of eating every meal at a restaurant. Ask for a refrigerator in you room (there might be a small fee for that) and stock up.
  8. Know which credit cards to use. Make sure you won’t have to pay foreign transaction fees.
  9. Take public transportation. Cheaper than renting a car, and also a more authentic experience!
  10. Rent an apartment. Renting an apartment is less expensive than staying in a hotel, and having a kitchen will allow you to eat meals at home.
  11. Get museum passes. You can often buy one pass that will get you entry to many places in the city.
  12. Look for free events and attractions. Look online, read local papers and guide boods, and ask around. If you stay in a hotel ask the concierge or the front desk.
  13. Stay a block away from the beach. Still close enough for beach fun, but cheaper than staying at a resort on the beach.
  14. Use rewards and mileage. If you’ve racked up credit card rewards, now’s the time to use them! Redeem them for airline tickets and hotel stays.
  15. Social media. Follow travel sites so you’ll be up on current specials.
  16. BYOB. Avoid expensive bars.

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