16 Brilliant Ways To Use Baby Wipes

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If you’re a parent you most likely have those wonderful things called baby wipes at home. Baby wipes are an important component of every busy mom’s arsenal and probably not a product that’s limited to your home. In fact, you probably have a box of them strategically placed throughout your home, as well as one in your car, and a portable package in your diaper bag, stroller, and quite possibly- your purse. Since you already have those wipes, checkout the brilliant ways to use baby wipes- beyond the obvious! If you don’t have babies or toddlers  in your household, you’ll be going out to get some baby wipes after reading this!

  1. Remove eye makeup: Baby wipes gently remove eye makeup- and they’re cheaper than makeup remover wipes.
  2. In the bathroom: Who says only babies deserve extra clean bottoms? Get the flushable type for everyone to use.
  3. Remove hair dye stains: Clean up hair dye drips from your face when you’re dying at home.
  4. Dusting: Use wipes to dust all surfaces, and use instead of Swiffer pads if you run out and are stuck.
  5. Remove makeup from clothes: Do this as soon as possible for best results. I’ve heard rumors they use this trick in stores to clean up makeup stains after people try on clothing.
  6. Erase deodorant marks: Wipe to remove annoying deodorant marks from your clothes.
  7. Seal envelopes: No need to lick them!
  8. Shine shoes: Swipe a baby wipe over shoes for some instant shine. They also work great to get salt stains off boots.
  9. Blot stains: Use wipes to blot stains from clothes, upholstery, and carpets.
  10. Tie dye art: Grab some markers and try this easy and fun activity with your kids.
  11. Keep your car clean: Every parent knows never to travel with kids without wipes, but they also come in handy for some quick car cleaning.
  12. Clean crayon marks: Wipes will remove crayon marks from almost any surface.
  13. Clean your sneakers: Wipe down the rubber sides of your sneakers for a quick shoe clean-up.
  14. In the gym: Wipes are great in the gym for wiping down gym equipment and for refreshing yourself when you get hot and sweaty.
  15. Clean remote controls: Remove dirt and germs.
  16. Leather furniture: Wipes are a quick and easy way to give your leather upholstery some shine.

And I’m just getting started here! Once you start, you’ll see the countless ways baby wipes will become your new best friend!

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