15 Easy Ways to Save Calories

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It’s almost bathing suit season and I need to do some tweaking- know what I mean? The winter layers are coming off and there’s no more hiding! But who’s interested in a serious diet or feeling deprived? Not me! And I’ve got it all figured out, too. It’s entirely possible to save a few calories without starving just by making a few easy changes in the way I eat, and I’m ready to get started! Here are some easy ways to save calories that allow you to actually enjoy your food without packing on the pounds:

1. Use non-fat milk in your coffee

Substituting non-fat milk for whole milk or cream can save as much as 100 calories! It’s easier to transition to skim milk in your coffee than in your cereal or drinking it straight because coffee has so much flavor.

2. Eat Greek yogurt

Ounce for ounce, Greek yogurt has more protein than regular, which gives you more nutrition for each calorie and makes you feel satisfied longer.

3. Eat an orange

Or any fresh fruit instead of drinking a cup of juice. You’ll save a few calories, get more nutrients, and feel more satisfied from actually eating, rather than drinking.

4. Nibble on popcorn instead of chips

It really isn’t about depriving yourself, it’s about making smart choices. You can still give in when you get the munchies, and who doesn’t like popcorn? To save even more fat and calories make your own in an air-popper. Add flavor with a sprinkle of salt, smoked paprika, garlic powder, or whatever you like.

5. Eat open-faced sandwiches

Who says every sandwich needs a top and a bottom? Leave off that top piece of bread or roll or bagel for some healthy calorie savings.

6. Eat skinless chicken

You’ll save lots of fat and calories. So will swapping out dark chicken for chicken breast.

7. Drink water

Soda and juice have so many calories that you just drink down without even getting the satisfaction of eating! Get into the habit of drinking water and you’ll see a huge difference. If you need to have flavor in your drink, add some fruit slices to your water.

8. Bake your fries

Is there anyone who can give up fries? You can still enjoy crispy potato treats by baking your “fries.” Cut potatoes into wedges or slices, toss with some olive oil, salt, and the seasoning of your choice, and bake on a cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven till crisp.

9. Sprinkle dry roasted seeds or nuts over your salad

Swap them for croutons- you’ll still get that extra crunch, but you’ll save calories. You’ll also get a nutrition boost in the bargain!

10. Learn about portion sizes

So many of us really have no idea what an actual portion size is, which is one reason for overeating. Here is a handy portion size guide that makes it easy to eat healthy portions.

11. Blot your pizza

Yeah, you might have seen people doing this and laughed at them, but the truth is they’re actually onto something. Blotting pizza and other greasy foods really will make a difference.

12. Use mustard instead of mayo

You love some mayo on your sandwich, but it can really pack on fat and calories. Mustard has lots of flavor but no fat and very few calories.

13. Eat frozen yogurt

Sometimes you just need a frozen treat and there’s nothing wrong with that! Enjoy low-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

14. Eat high-fiber cereal for breakfast

Studies show that doing this will help you eat less during the day.

15. Eat from a smaller plate

It’s true that we eat with our eyes first, and when you’re hungry, your eyes want to see a full plate. Eating your main course off of a salad plate will help trick your brain and make you want less food.

These calorie saving swaps and tricks are such an easy and clever way to eat smart and healthy all the time. Incorporate them into your lifestyle and you’ll be looking and feeling great before you know it- without feeling deprived at all!

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