14 Amazing Ways to Use a Magic Eraser

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So who else is obsessed with the Magic Eraser? It’s okay to admit it, because that little cleaning tool truly is magical. I’ve already been using it to clean lots of little messes all around the house, but I recently discovered a whole lot of other amazing things it can do, and I know you’d love to know about them, too, so here they are! These cool cleaning tricks should all be safe, but just to be sure, always test on a small area first to prevent damaging delicate surfaces.

1. Clean baked-on grease from pans:

I like to use real pans rather than disposable- it’s more economical and planet-friendly- but that habit does have a downside: you have to wash them! And that gets really hard when you’re facing some baked-on food or grease. Well, those days are over, because just some light scrubbing with a Magic Eraser will get it all off with only a bit of effort. Then all you have to do is wash as usual.

2. Clean stained plastic containers:

Red pasta sauce is especially notorious for staining reusable plastic containers. When your containers are stained, they never really feel clean, which can be disturbing. Your Magic Eraser can help you here and get your containers looking sparkling clean,

3. Clean your sneakers:

There’s something really sharp looking about clean white soles on a new pair of sneakers. Keep them looking that way with a little scrubbing with a Magic Eraser.

4. Remove adhesive from labels:

Removing adhesive has to be the hardest thing, and even when you think you got it all off, you see that you didn’t! Rub a Magic Eraser over it to get rid of the stickiness.

5. Clean a stove top:

That Magic Eraser will get your stove top sparkly clean.

6. Remove scuff marks:

Rubbing a Magic Eraser will remove scuff marks from walls, floors, and baseboards.

7. Clean a dry-erase board:

Old marker ink sometimes has a way of lingering, but a Magic Eraser can get it off.

8. Clean hair color from a counter:

Doing home hair color can be messy, and risky for your counter tops. Scrub with a Magic Eraser to remove color.

9. Clean the inside of your microwave:

This is the way to clean off dried messes.

10. Remove permanent marker:

Guess it’s not all that permanent, is it?

11. Remove deodorant stains:

I’m not going to stop using deodorant, but I can do without the white stains it leaves on my clothes. Rub them off with a Magic Eraser.

12. Scrub tile grout:

Scrub with a Magic Eraser to get your grout pristine clean.

13. Clean hairstyling tools:

Wipe away stuck-on product residue with a Magic Eraser. Just make sure the tools are cool first!

14. Remove rust stains:

Clean off counters or any other surfaces that are ruined by rust stains.

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