12 Reasons to Go Bike Riding

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So you know you should be exercising, and maybe you already do. But it’s always good to try something new and change it up a little- so how about bike riding? Especially now that it’s spring, it’s a great time to exercise outside in the warm air and sunshine. Need some more reasons to go bike riding? Here they are:

1. It’s aerobic:

Aerobic activity gets the blood and oxygen flowing through your body and makes your heart strong.

2. It helps with your weight:

If you’re trying to lose weight, bike riding is a great way to burn calories, and it’s also a great workout if you’re trying to maintain your weight.

3. Mental health benefits:

Moving your body gets the feel-good hormones working, so bike riding is  good for your mood, too.

4. It builds muscle:

Your lower body gets a good workout from riding a bike, so you’ll get nice and toned. And when you have more muscle mass you burn more calories!

5. It’s low-impact:

Bike riding is a really good workout, but it’s easy on your joints and muscles.

6. Better sleep:

Regular exercise will help you sleep better, which will have an impact on your overall health.

7. It can have social benefits:

You can join a biking team or just ride with friends, making your bike riding a social activity, which is also important for good physical and mental health. Bike riding is also a great family activity.

8. Improve brain function:

Getting the blood flowing to your brain helps with focus, concentration, and memory.

9. It helps prevent disease:

One of the benefits of bike riding is that it can help prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes.

10. It works at every level:

You can get the benefits of bike riding even as a beginner!

11. Avoid traffic:

Ride your bike to get places instead of driving and you’ll avoid traffic- and maybe get places faster!

12. It’s easy to fit in a workout:

Riding a bike is an easy way to fit exercise into your busy day.

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