12 Incredible Household Uses for Vodka

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How do you feel about vodka? Not your drink of choice, or not a drinker at all? Doesn’t matter- whether you’re a vodka drinker or not, you’ll be fascinated by the other ways you can use vodka. It’s actually a household staple!

1. Freshen musty towels:

Add ½ cup to the washing machine when washing towels to get rid of any musty, midlewy odor.

2. Freshen and disinfect mattresses:

The alcohol in the vodka will neutralize odors and kill germs. Spray onto the mattress and let it dry.

3. Remove sticker glue:

Don’t scratch it off- apply some vodka and let the glue dissolve.

4. Clean glass:

Use in place of your usual glass cleaner for sparkly clean mirrors and windows.

5. Shine jewelry:

Soak your jewelry in vodka to get it shiny. Don’t do this with costume jewelry or jewelry with delicate stones like pearls and opals.

6. Clean soap scum:

Get your bathroom shiny with some vodka.

7. DIY mouthwash:

Add a few drops of mint or cinnamon essential oils for a DIY disinfecting mouthwash.

8. Remove stains:

Remove common stains like grass, wine, ink, and more by soaking in vodka and then washing as usual.

9. Room deodorizer:

Put some vodka in a spray bottle along with a few drops of essential oils of your choice and use it as a room deodorizer. It also works great to freshen up clothes, upholstery, and bedding.

10. Make a flaky pie crust:

Replace the water in your pie crust recipe with vodka for a flaky crust.

11. Keep flowers longer:

Add one teaspoon each of vodka and sugar to the water in a vase and your flowers will last longer.

12. Freshen smelly shoes:

Spray some vodka into your smelly shoes and the alcohol will kill the odor.

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