12 Genius Ways to Use Rubbing Alcohol

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Every few years I buy a new bottle of rubbing alcohol, which I use here and there until I realize it’s way past its expiration day and throw it out. I don’t let myself feel too bad about being wasteful, since the bottle cost only about a dollar to begin with. But then I started to think about taking that bottle of alcohol- and that dollar- as far as I could, and was amazed at all the genius ways you can use rubbing alcohol, aside from the obvious like cleaning a pair of tweezers and things like that. So keep reading and put your budget-friendly bottle of rubbing alcohol to good use!

1. DIY ice pack:

Since alcohol never really freezes, you’ll get a good semi-squooshy texture. Mix equal parts alcohol and water in a ziploc bag and store in the freezer.

2. Painless band-aid removal:

Don’t pull off your skin with the band-aid! Cover the adhesive part with an alcohol soaked cotton ball for a few seconds to loosen the glue and pull it off more easily.

3. Remove scuff marks:

Get rid of nasty scuff marks on your floor by rubbing with a soft cloth dipped in a little alcohol.

4. Clean grease from the stove:

Spray with some alcohol and wipe!

5. Remove sticky residue:

Get rid of glue from price tags and stickers. Just soak for a few minutes and wipe away.

6. Shine mirrors:

No need to shell out money for glass cleaners. Spray with alcohol and wipe clean.

7. Remove odors from hands:

Onions and garlic make your food taste good, but it’s not a preferred fragrance for your hands. Neutralize odors on your skin with rubbing alcohol. Rub some on your wrist when you’re trying put perfumes.

8. Deodorize shoes:

Spray alcohol into smelly shoes and let dry.

9. Heal cold sores:

Dab some alcohol on cold sores to help them dry out faster.

10. Remove frost from car windows:

Combine one part alcohol with five parts water in a spray bottle. Spray the windshield and wipe with wiper blades.

11. DIY air freshener:

Mix 10-15 drops of essential oils of your choice into one cup of alcohol. Store in a spray bottle and spritz to freshen up a room.

12. Clean a dry erase board:

Wipe with a soft cloth to give your dry erase board a good cleaning.

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