12 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

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It’s summer and you think your kids should be busy outside- that’s what summer’s all about- right? But what about those days when it’s just too hot to play outdoors, or those annoying rainy summer days? You need some really fun indoor activities to keep everyone cool and comfortable. Here are some you’ll want to try!

1. Scrapbooking:

Time to gather up old magazines and odds and ends for some creative scrapbooking! Anything goes- there are no rules, except to make it fun and creative!

2. Bowling:

Bowling is a fun indoor sport that’s usually pretty affordable. In fact, check out this post to learn how your kids can bowl for free this summer!

3. Ice skating:

Is there anything more cooling than indoor ice skating in the summer? If there’s an indoor rink near you, just dig out the mittens and go!

4. Baking:

Baking is fun- and even more fun when you bake cookies or cupcakes and decorate them after! have fun with frosting, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and candy.

5. Dance party:

Put together a summer playlist and dance away!

6. Library:

Air conditioned libraries host free family events and story time. Check your local library for their calendar of events.

7. Movie:

Go to the movie theater and chill.

8. Movie party:

Or stay in for a movie and make it a party. Let your kids invite friends and make your own popcorn!

9. Crafts:

Crafts are always fun! Check out Pinterest for great ideas for all ages.

10. Painting:

Let your kids get to their inner artist! Experiment with different effects using regular brushes, toothbrushes, sponges, or rags.

11. Board games:

Have fun by playing in teams or having a tournament.

12. DIY playdough:

Is there a kid who doesn’t love playdough? Make it even more fun by making your own!

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