12 Easy Ways To Make Someone Happy

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Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference. I’ve been treated to small acts of kindness by loved ones and by strangers, and I have to say, those have sometimes made more of an impression on me than big things. Happiness is important- it makes us healthier physically and emotionally- so why not do what you can to help spread it around? You might think that you’d need to go out of your way to do something nice and put a smile on someone’s face, but that’s actually not true. Here are 12 easy things you can do to make someone happy:

1. Dinner invitation: I know an invitation to dinner would make me happy! And it doesn’t have to be to an expensive restaurant, either, though I’m sure that will be appreciated. But it’s not necessary to go all out; an invitation to your home for a simple meal will make someone else fell special.

2. A gift card: One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts was a $5 Starbucks card from my young daughter. We all know you can’t get a lot of coffee with $5 at Starbucks, but it was just so sweet of her to think of it! Send a gift card in any amount to make someone happy.

3. Flowers: I don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate flowers. Sending even a small bouquet will brighten someone’s day.

4. Treat a stranger to coffee: Pay for the person in line behind you, and make a total difference in his or her day!

5. Smile and say “hello”: Most of the time we go through our day in our own little bubble, but human connection is so important and goes a long way.

6. Say “thank you”: Let people know you appreciate what they’ve done for you.

7. Hold the door: This is such an easy, simple thing to do, but it goes such a long way.

8. Give a compliment: This is also a way to connect, and it’s so positive. Give someone a reason to feel good about herself.

9. Offer to do an errand: Do you have a friend who’s super busy? Offer to help out.

10. Call or text just to say “hi”: Call an old friend, or a relative you don’t see often just to say “Hi!” It’s always nice to  know someone is thinking about you.

11. Tell a joke: Laughter is really so good for you. Tell a joke, or send one via email, and share the laughter.

12. Be happy yourself: Happiness is contagious, so project a positive attitude. Do the things you need to do in order to make yourself happy.

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