12 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

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Don’t you just hate housecleaning day? It’s a necessary evil, but so worth it, because there’s nothing like knowing your home is sparkling clean, not to mention how great it feels and smells! The problem is, it’s not really a fun chore, and it can really eat up a good chunk of your day. And you know it won’t last forever and you’ll have to do it all over again before you know it. Well, I’m here to keep it positive- and easy- so here’s what you do: you keep up with the simple things all the time- make them habits so they don’t feel like work- and your home will stay neat and clean, making the big “cleaning day” easier and shorter. Here’s how you do it:

1. Make your bed:

This is non-negotiable! Your room looks so much neater if you just do this one thing every morning.

2. Don’t leave dishes in the sink:

I’m not saying you have to wash every spoon as soon as you use it, but don’t let the dishes pile up or you’ll be left with a huge pile at the end of the day. Wash or load dirty dishes into the dishwasher as they accumulate and the kitchen will also look cleaner and neater throughout the day.

3. Avoid clutter:

Make sure you have enough storage around the house so you can keep things neat. A smart idea I saw somewhere is to have a basket at the foot of the staircase for things that belong upstairs. Toss them in and carry the basket upstairs at the end of the day.

4. Wipe down counters often:

I was about to type “wipe down counters every night,” but I think it’s really best if you wipe them down after every meal. It’s really not hard at all and it will make a huge difference.

5. Take out the garbage:

Obvious, right? Take out the garbage once a day.

6. Clean up your clothes:

It’s tempting at the end of a long day to just leave your clothes in a pile on the floor, but don’t do it! Either hang them up, toss into the laundry pile, or dry cleaner bag. Yes, start a bag every week for clothes that need to go to the cleaners.

7. Empty the dishwasher every morning:

It only takes a few minutes, but make life easier in the long run.

8. Do a load of laundry every day:

Laundry day can also take up your time and make you mad. Make it easier by doing one load each day so there’s less to deal with at any one time.

9. Designate one day for each room:

It sounds like you’ll just be cleaning all the time, but if you devote one day to each room it goes so much faster. Dusting and vacuuming or sweeping will take a shorter time and you can get the whole family in on the action for even more speed.

10. Keep cleaning supplies where you use them:

Keep the kitchen cleaning products in the kitchen, bathroom products in the bathroom, etc., and you won’t have to go running around for what you need.

11. Clean as you cook:

Trust me on this! You don’t have to interrupt yourself after each step of cooking or baking one dish, but wiping up spills and putting away ingredients as you work makes it easier to clean up when you’re all done.

12. Wipe the bathroom counter every day:

Wipe with an antibacterial wipe every day and you’ll also help keep germs away.

Pretty doable, right? Fit these quick cleanups into your routine and the big cleanup day won’t be so big anymore!

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