12 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

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It’s that time of year again- it might not be warm enough every day, but it’s finally spring and you know what that means: Spring Cleaning! Are you groaning or sighing? Don’t, because just like spring signifies new beginnings, a fresh clean house can do the same, and it doesn’t even have to be that hard! Here are some smart spring cleaning tips to make it a little easier on you. You’ll thank me when you’re done!

1. Make a list:

The best way to knock things off your list is to have a real list in the first place! Write down what needs to be done so you know exactly what you have to get to. Then do one thing after another and feel the satisfaction of crossing things off!

2. Make a schedule:

Once you know everything you have to do, you can plan it out in the smartest way. And don’t thing you have to do it all in one day either. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by breaking down tasks and making it easier on yourself. Try doing one big job and one smaller job every day.

3. Create a playlist:

Everything is easier with music!

4. Ask for help:

Get family members and roommates to pitch in.

5. Pay for help:

If you can afford to pay for help, hire someone to come and do some of the cleaning with you.

6. Get rid of clutter:

The smartest thing to do is to get rid of the clutter first. Then straighten up and actually clean.

7. Go from top to bottom:

Since dust will settle, start with the highest parts of a room and work your way down to the floor last.

8. Store away seasonal items:

If you’re spring cleaning, put away the ski equipment and the warm weather clothes. You’ll have more room and less clutter which will make everything look a lot neater.

9. Switch things up:

Think of making some decor switches for a clean and airy look- go for lighter colored linens, throws, and rugs.

10. Vacuum your mattress:

Get rid of dust, dead skin, and hair. Ew!

11. Get rid of things you don’t use:

No reason to have them lying around taking up space. Sell them, dump them, or give them to charity.

12. Promise yourself a prize:

Give yourself a treat once the hard work is all done!

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