12 Crazy Ways to Use Aspirin

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When you have a headache, are you on Team Tylenol or on Team Advil? Or do you do your own thing and just take aspirin? Well, no matter how you get rid of a headache, you’ll want to have some aspirin around after you read this. Aspirin is not just for headaches!

1. Bathroom cleaner:

Clean the bathroom without chemicals! Crush a few aspirin pills and mix with water to make a paste, then use it to scrub tiles and counters.

2. Stain remover:

Dissolve a few pills in water and soak the stained garment before washing. Or make a paste and rub it into the stain.

3. Foot soak:

Dissolve pills in warm water and soak your feet to soften calluses and kill fungus.

4. Itchy bite relief:

Make a paste and apply to the bite.

5. Skin exfoliant:

Make a paste and rub onto your face to remove excess oil and dead skin. It also clears redness.

6. Acne treatment:

Make a paste and apply to affected area. Aspirin also helps with inflammation.

7. Dandruff treatment:

Add some aspirin to your shampoo.

8. Hair color toner:

Tone down brassy hair color with some aspirin. Crush a few pills and mix with water to make a paste; smooth over hair and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing.

9. Rust remover:

Apply aspirin paste to the rusty area and wipe off after 10 minutes.

10. Wart remover:

Tape a tablet directly to the wart; it should fall off after a few days.

11. Car battery charger:

If you’re ever stuck with a dead car battery, aspirin can help in a pinch! Drop two pills into the battery cell and that should charge it up enough to get it started. This is just temporary, so go straight to a gas station.

12. Give longer life to flowers:

Add one or two aspirin tablets to the vase water and flowers will last longer.

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