11 Ways to Save on Summer Travel

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Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, the summer is starting to get real! What are your summer plans? Are you holding off from planning a trip because you think your budget can’t handle it? Well, think again, because you and your family can have a fabulous summer trip if you know where to find the savings! Here are some pretty smart ways to save on a great vacation this summer!

1. Fly on Tuesday:

It’s funny, but flights on Tuesday are generally cheaper than the rest of the week. If you’re flexible about travel dates, booking a flight for a Tuesday can save some money.

2. Use discount sites:

Always research flights and hotels using discount travel sites like Expedia, Kayak, and others, and remember that you can sometimes score a really great price if you combine flight and hotel. And check between these sites to see who’s offering the best prices.

3. Pack light:

If you’re flying, try to get everything you need into your carryon bag and avoid paying to check baggage. You really do need less than you think!

4. Redeem points:

Now’s the time to use those points, miles, and rewards to get discount or free flights and hotel stays.

5. Take a road trip:

If flying is too expensive, stay closer to home and take a road trip. You can still have a great summer trip without getting on a plane.

6. Take a shorter getaway:

If you can only pay for a weekend away, that’s still better than not going anywhere at all.

7. Get free breakfast:

Many hotels offer free breakfast, so look for those places.

8. Rent an apartment:

Renting an apartment through Airbnb, Vrbo, and other vacation rental sites can be cheaper than staying at a hotel. And when you have an apartment with a kitchen you can prepare your own meals instead of eating out all the time.

9. Eat lunch out:

Of course, sometimes part of the fun of the vacation is eating out at local restaurants, but that gets expensive. Save by going out for lunch instead of dinner, which is usually more expensive. Many restaurants also have lunch specials.

10. Pack your own snacks:

Buying snacks on the go can get expensive, so pack your own to save money.

11. Look for free events:

Look at community websites for free events and attractions at your destination. Some cities offer combination deals where you get to enjoy multiple attractions at a discount.

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