11 Ways to Instantly Feel Happier

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When you’re happy- you win! Feeling happy just feels good; after all, who wants to be in a bad mood? If there was something you could do to feel happier right away, you’d do it- wouldn’t you? You’d just need to know what that was, and we’re here for you! Here are ten things you can do to help you feel happier!

1. Smile:

I bet you’re thinking that you have to be happy first in order to smile. Good point, but actually smiling does all kinds of things to you physically and emotionally that work to make you feel happy! So, smile even when you’re not really feeling it, and the happiness will come!

2. Exercise:

Moving your body also helps get those feel-good chemicals working through your body, so when you need a mood boost, try taking a walk or doing a few jumping jacks.

3. Sleep:

When you get the necessary hours of sleep each night you’ll feel great!

4. Go outside:

A little bit of sunshine and some fresh air do wonders for your happiness levels.

5. Get a hobby:

Doing something you enjoy is a great way to feel good. There’s also a sense of accomplishment in completing a project or learning something new that will make you feel great about yourself.

6. Write in a journal:

Feelings are complicated, and writing them out helps make sense of it all. Also, writing about any negative feelings is a good way to get rid of that negativity. Try writing in a journal the next time you’re feeling a little off and see how that helps lift your mood.

7.  Spend time with friends:

A healthy social life is key for good health, and spending time with friends who love and support feels great! Go out or talk on the phone, but connect with good friends to keep you feeling happy.

8. Don’t skip meals:

You know the word “hangry?” That’s when you feel angry or cranky because you’re hungry! Eat regular healthy meals and snacks to keep your blood sugar and mood stable.

9. Keep flowers and plants in your home:

Being around flowers feels good- they look pretty, smell nice, and add a cheery pop of color. Live plants in your home or office have also been shown to make you happy.

10. Do something nice for someone:

It’s incredible how far that one goes! If you want to feel good- do something to make someone else feel good, and the boost you get from that will last a long time.

11. Stand up straight:

Good posture can also help you feel happy. Slouching around will make you feel blah, so next time you need an instant happiness boost, check your posture and stand up tall!

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