11 Things To Buy In December

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So Black Friday’s come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the season for great shopping deals is over! Not by a long shot, so don’t feel bad if you think you didn’t shop enough, or didn’t get everything you wanted. There are some great deals to be had in December, and it’s a good thing, too- just in time for holiday shopping and gift-giving. Here are the best things to save on in December:

1. Cookware:

It’s a busy season for entertaining, so retailers all want your business on cookware and kitchen gadgets. And that means nice savings for you, so stock up this month- for yourself and for gifts.

2. Gift cards:

Gift cards make fabulous gifts when you don’t know exactly what to give someone, and during December you’ll find some great deals where you can save on gift cards or get one free with a purchase at retailers, or even restaurants.

3. TVs: 

Yes, even though Black Friday is over you can still score a great price on a new TV throughout the month.

4. Toys: 

You probably won’t find such great sales on hot, new toys, but watch out for great prices on classics like LEGO and Barbie. You’ll get the best prices in the first two weeks of the month so shop early.

5. Christmas decorations:

After Christmas all decorations go on sale, so stock up and save on what you need for next year.

6. Winter coats:

All winter apparel and cold weather accessories go on sale in December, but you’ll find the biggest savings on winter coats.

7. Wedding dresses:

Now is when retailers put this year’s styles on sale to make room for next year’s styles. Wedding dress styles don’t change that much, so if you’re getting married, buy a gown on sale and save some money!

8. Golf clubs:

This time of year is slow for golfing, but retailers still want to sell golf equipment. You’ll find good prices on current stock as retailers make room for the new.

9. Champagne:

Stores stock up on Champagne as it gets closer to New Year’s Eve, which means promotions and savings for you!

10. Tools:

December is a slow home improvement season, so you’ll find good deals on tools and tool sets, which also make good gifts.

11. Citrus:

This is the high season for citrus and you’ll get oranges and grapefruits at amazing prices. Not only are they delicious, but citrus is packed with vitamin C, which will help your immune system stay strong during cold and flu season.

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