11 Reasons To Love Oatmeal

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Oats are trending right now, and that’s a trend you’ll want to get on! Of course everyone knows about regular oatmeal, the classic breakfast dish- which is delicious and comforting just as it is- but there are also so many other ways to enjoy oats- like oatmeal bars and muffins. Not to mention how great oats are for you! I mean it! How often does it happen that a food you love is really good for you?

There’s nothing at all wrong with classic oatmeal, as long as you don’t load it up with too much sugar. Try it with a splash of maple syrup and some blueberries- you’ll love it! Don’t have time to cook up a bowl of hot oatmeal? Prep it the night before! Here are a bunch of ideas for overnight oats that are all delicious. And really, any time of the day is a good time for oats, so whip up a batch of oatmeal bars and you’ll always be prepared with a healthy snack. Here’s a no-bake recipe that’s great for the summer when it’s too hot to turn on the oven.

So, now that you’ll be eating all that oatmeal, don’t you want to know how great it is for you? Here are some awesome health benefits of oats:

1. High fiber:

Oats have a lot of fiber, which means they’ll keep you from getting constipated. The fiber also helps to prevent colorectal cancer.

2. Weight control:

Because oats are “good” carbs, they take longer to digest, which means you’ll feel full and satisfied longer, which helps keep your appetite under control.

3. Important minerals:

Oats contain lots of minerals your body needs, including iron.

4. Healthy blood pressure:

Oats have a type of antioxidant that can lower your blood pressure.

5. Lowers cholesterol:

If you have high cholesterol, make oats a regular part of your diet.

6. Controls blood sugar:

Oatmeal has a low glycemic index, which means it helps to keep blood sugar levels steady. This means that it can help control and prevent diabetes.

7. Reduce certain cancers:

The many antioxidants in oats help reduce hormone controlled cancers in men and women.

8. Boosts the immune system:

Sounds good to me!

9. Gives you energy:

The low glycemic index means your body takes its time digesting oats, which means you get a steady supply of energy.

10. Protein:

A whole grain with protein? Sounds good!

11. Soothes and moisturizes skin:

You can make a paste with oats and apply to skin to relieve itch and dryness. Many commercial skincare brands include oats in their ingredients for this reason.

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