11 Genius Ways to Use Ice Cube Trays

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Ice cube trays might be little old fashioned these days, with newer refrigerator models and their automatic ice makers, but you might want to get a hold of a few ice cube trays after reading this, because they’re not just for making ice cubes anymore! And even more exciting: you can pick them up really cheap at the dollar store.

1. Freeze leftover coffee:

There’s nothing like a refreshing glass of ice coffee, but you can really ruin it if you water it down with regular ice cubes. This doesn’t have to happen anymore, though. Freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays and then use them to cool your ice coffee. Come to think of it, why wait for leftover coffee? Make some extra just to freeze.

2. Leftover wine:

If this should ever happen, freeze wine in ice cube trays and you’ll have it ready in small amounts to pop into recipes likes sauces and stews, where a little wine adds a lot of flavor, but you don’t feel like opening an entire bottle just for a few tablespoons worth.

3. Leftover herbs:

Fresh herbs have so much flavor, but they don’t last very long. Preserve them by chopping and then freezing in ice cube trays covered with a little olive oil. Pop in the cubes when you’re cooking!

4. Tomato sauce:

Tomato sauce comes in cans that, at least in my experience, hold too much for most recipes that I make. Divide up the extra into ice cube trays and you’ll always have some on hand.

5. Pesto:

Most pesto recipes make a lot- usually more than you need, so freeze them in ice cube trays and pop out when you want them. You can pop them directly onto hot pasta and they’ll defrost quickly.

6. Freeze fruit:

Fruit water is pretty, it’s fun, and it makes plain water just a little more special. Freeze some fruit and pop the cubes into your water for a fancy but easy cold drink.

7. Organize supplies:

Ice cube trays make great organizers for small craft supplies. You can also organize earrings by storing in the trays.

8. Mini cheesecake bites:

Sometimes a bite of cheesecake is all you need to satisfy a craving, so making or buying a whole one would be a waste. Prepare your favorite cheesecake recipe and freeze in ice cube trays. You’ll always be ready with the perfect bite.

9. Baby food:

Homemade baby food is so much better for your baby than the processed kind you buy in the store- and it’s also so easy to make! Make it even easier by making more than you need and freezing the extra in ice cube trays. When frozen, pop into a ziploc bag and store in the freezer until you need it. A few cubes worth makes the perfect baby portion!

10. Yogurt:

Buy the larger size yogurt containers because they’re cheaper, and spoon into ice cube trays. You’ll have them ready when you want to make a smoothie or just enjoy a frozen yogurt bite as a healthy, fun snack.

11. Cookie dough:

Freeze cookie dough in cookie size portions in ice cube trays. When you want a freshly baked cookie you can just pop it out of the tray and into the oven!

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