11 Clever Beauty Tricks

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I don’t know about you, but I always feel like there’s stuff out there that everyone knows but me. Especially when it comes to makeup and beauty. Like, how do you keep your hair from flying out all over the place on a cold day? And how do you get your mascara to make your lashes look thick but not clumpy? Do you wonder about these, too? Well, now we’re the ones who know! I have the tips to solve these problems- and more! Just keep reading:

1. Staticky hair:

So annoying, and there’s such a simple solution! Dryer sheets! Just rub a dryer sheet gently over your hair to get rid of flyaway strands. Also works great when your clothes are sticking and riding up.

2. Messy brows:

Thick brows looks great, but it can be hard to  keep them looking neat. Spray some hairspray on a soft toothbrush (not the one you use for your teeth) and brush your eyebrows into place. They should stay neat all day!

3. Cracked compact:

Wait! Don’t throw out that compact just because it’s cracked, and don’t live with the mess, either. Add one or two drops of rubbing alcohol into the cracked areas, and press together. When it dries it should be fixed.

4. Clumpy mascara:

A drop or two of saline solution into the mascara tube should solve the problem! But remember to dump mascara older than 3 months since it can have accumulated bacteria that cause infection.

5. Curls too tight:

It happens to all of us, but it’s easy to fix. Spray some leave-in conditioner on your brush and work it through your hair. That should loosen the curls and get them the way you wanted them.

6. Too much perfume:

Ever overspray? Your fave scent can be really offensive when it’s too strong, but you can fix it by getting some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, and them wiping over your skin. Alcohol dilutes the perfume and it won’t be overpowering.

7. Deodorant stains:

Rub with old stockings till it’s off.

8. Get the perfect shade of pink lipstick:

Match it to your gums!

9. Slippery bobby pins:

Ugh, so annoying! Spray them with dry shampoo and they’ll stay in.

10. Get a fuller ponytail:

Try this trick for more volume and texture: Instead of just pulling all your hair back into one ponytail, divide it into two, one above the other.

11. Perfect manicure:

Use a Q-tip to apply some Vaseline around your cuticles, then polish. Any polish that gets on your skin can be easily wiped away, since it’s actually on the Vaseline!

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