10 Ways to Use Cinnamon

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We all know cinnamon as a delicious spice -yes, it’s a spice!- used in our favorite baked goods. And if you’re a cinnamon lover who always has some in the house, you’ll love knowing that you can put it to good use for other non-food ways!

1. Soothe a bug bite:
Make a paste and apply to insect bites.

2. Stop bleeding:
Sprinkle cinnamon on minor cuts to get the bleeding to stop faster.

3. Block ants:
Sprinkle some cinnamon where the ants usually come in and they’ll stay away.

4. Digestive aid:
Suck on a cinnamon stick or drink cinnamon tea after a meal.

5. Anti-inflammatory:
Cinnamon has strong anti-inflammatory properties, so sprinkle some on your food every day. It’s delicious in oatmeal!

6. Scalp health:
Mix some cinnamon with honey and apply to your scalp for 15 to treat dandruff and help with hair loss.

7. Repel moths:
Make a sachet with cinnamon sticks and hang in your closets.

8. Regulate blood sugar:
Sprinkle cinnamon in your morning coffee to help regulate blood sugar and curb cravings.

9. Improve mental focus:
Drinking cinnamon tea, or scenting the air with potpourri or a diffuser can help sharpen focus and memory.

10. Kill bad breath:
Chew on a piece of cinnamon stick or gargle with cinnamon water to cleanse your mouth and get rid of bad breath.

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