10 Smart Fat Burning Tips

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Okay, I’ll admit it- I’m vain. I’m all for body positivity and beauty at any size, but I do feel like my body looks better with a little less fat on it. And the truth is that it’s not even all about looks; having too much body fat is really not ideal for great health. But one thing I’m not into, and that’s deprivation, so you can bet that I’m not going on any starvation diet- bathing suit season or not! Instead, I plan on adapting some healthy habits into my routine- habits that are great for my health anyway, and also have the side benefit of burning more fat! What could be bad about that?

1. Drink more water:

If this item is on every list about good health, you know there’s something to it! So get on board with drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Dehydration can prevent efficient burning of fat and calories.

2. Sleep enough:

Sleeping is when your body resets and recharges, and lack of sleep can lead to binges and hormone imbalances that lead to weight gain and holding on to body fat. And when you’re sleeping you’re not eating!

3. Move your body:

Moving burns calories and keeps your metabolism going, which helps burn fat.

4. Weight training:

Weight training builds muscle and muscle burns fat.

5. Keep a food log:

Keep a log of everything you eat and you’ll catch the slip-ups. Think finishing the extra chicken fingers on your child’s plate don’t count? Well, they do, and when you write down everything that goes in your mouth you’ll see what you really eat and prevent mindless eating.

6. Eat spicy food:

There’s a chance that eating spicy food can speed up your metabolism, and it’s also thought that when you eat spicy food you eat less.

7. Eat more protein:

Protein helps maintain muscle mass and now that you know those muscles are burning fat you’ll want to keep them strong. And because it takes longer to digest protein it keeps your metabolism working and keeps you satisfied, so less bingeing out of hunger.

8. Eat healthy fat:

It sounds ironic, but eating healthy fat helps your body burn fat.

9. Eat healthy snacks:

Eating small snacks between meals keeps your metabolism going, and it also prevents you from being starving at your next meal, which will help you make smart food choices and practice portion control.

10. Eat enough:

In order to burn fat you have to eat a certain amount. If you drastically reduce your caloric intake your body will go into starvation mode and slow down your metabolism.

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