10 Secrets for a Bright Smile

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Your smile is probably the most valuable thing you own. Smile at someone else and not only can you make their day, but you’ll also make yourself happier in the process. It’s a proven fact that smiling makes you feel happy! And doesn’t everyone just look prettier with a bright smile? You know it does! Here’s how to have a bright smile so that you can help light up the world:

1. Brush your teeth:

It’s basic hygiene, and extremely important for healthy teeth and a bright smile. Brush twice a day and floss daily.

2. Rinse after eating:

Swish water for 30 seconds after you eat or drink- especially after coffee, tea, or red wine.

3. Drink white wine instead of red:

Red will stain your teeth, so white wine is a better choice for your teeth. If you do drink red, make sure to rinse right away to help prevent staining.

4. Rub banana peel on your teeth:

They say it works, so give it a try. Rub the inside of banana peel on your teeth and rinse.

5. Don’t smoke:

Aside from all the health risks, smoking or chewing tobacco will turn your teeth yellow.

6. Use bronzer on your face:

This will help your teeth appear whiter.

7. Add milk or cream to your coffee:

That will change the chemistry of the coffee and make it harder for it to stick to teeth.

8. Eat leafy greens:

They contain a mineral that helps protect teeth from stains.

9. Eat snacks that produce more saliva:

Saliva helps clean your teeth and kill the bacteria that cause staining. Good choices include apples, celery, carrots.

10. Make sure your toothpaste has flouride:

Flouride keeps your teeth healthy and healthy teeth look brighter and better.

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