10 Reasons to Smile

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There are so many quotes about smiles and smiling, but my favorite is “Colors are the smiles of nature” by Leigh Hunt. We smile when we’re happy, of course, but there are some really good reasons to smile just like that. Here’s why you should smile more often:

1. Smiling makes you more attractive:

When you smile, it draws people in.

2. Smiling relieves stress and anxiety:

It’s true! When you smile you lower levels of stress hormones in your body.

3. Smiling makes others happy:

Smiles are contagious! How many times do you find yourself smiling back at someone who smiles at you?

4. Smiling lowers blood pressure:

It’s good for your physical health, too.

5. Smiling boosts your immune system:

Maybe you can smile your way through flu season?

6. Smiling makes you more positive:

Not only does feeling happy make you feel like smiling, but smiling actually makes you feel happy by boosting happy hormone levels.

7. Smiling makes you more successful:

Smiling increases motivation and creativity.

8. Smiling reduces pain:

It actually works on  your brain so you feel pain less intensely.

9. Smiling makes you look trustworthy:

Who doesn’t want that?

10. Smiling makes you live longer:

Studies show that smiling can add up to seven years to your life.

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