10 Reasons To Chew Gum

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What if there was one thing that would help your memory, keep you alert, help control your weight, and improve your dental health, among other things? You’d want to know what that one thing was, wouldn’t you? You’ll never guess what it is, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you. It’s gum! So chew away, just make sure it’s sugarless to protect your teeth.

 1. It helps concentration and memory: 

The act of chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain, which is important for focus and memory.

 2. It makes you alert: 

It’s that blood flow, again. And it’s also thought that chewing stimulates nerves and parts of the brain that make you feel awake. Chewing gum can give you a pick-me-up when you start to drag later in the day.

 3. It relieves stress and anxiety: 

Chewing gum lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. It’s also a good substitute for other nervous habits like nail biting.

 4. It reduces acid reflux and indigestion: 

When you chew gum you produce more saliva, which helps with digestion.

 5. It’s good for your teeth: 

The extra saliva helps clean your teeth. Again, chew sugarless, obvs!

 6. It keeps your breath fresh: 

Chewing minty gum will make your mouth feel fresh, of course, but it’s not just the smell of the mint. Chewing gum helps kill odor causing bacteria in your mouth.

 7. It controls food cravings: 

In studies, people who chewed gum felt fewer cravings and decreased hunger.

 8. It can help control weight: 

Well, fewer cravings always helps, and gum has way fewer calories than regular snacks.

 9. It burns calories: 

Okay, it’s not like running a marathon, but you are moving, and every calorie counts!

 10.It can relieve ear pain:

When your ears feel like they’re going to explode on an airplane, chewing gum relieves the pressure. This is great when you’re traveling with kids.

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