10 More Ways to Save Money on Groceries

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We’re always looking for ways to save money. Sure, you can delete your Amazon app, or hide your credit cards so you don’t fall victim to impulse shopping and the sense that you must have what you want when you want it. But there’s not much you can do about buying groceries, is there? They’re kind of a necessity, you know? But you don’t have to freak out on spending even on things you absolutely need. Did you catch the first part of this post? Check it out to learn even more ways to save on groceries!

1. Don’t shop hungry:

I can’t tell you about all the weird stuff I buy when I shop hungry- it’s way too embarrassing! But it did teach me an important lesson, and that is to never shop on an empty stomach. Eat a meal or a snack before going to the store and you won’t be tempted by hunger.

2. Buy generic brands:

Don’t be a brand snob! You’d be surprised at the high quality of many generic and store brands.

3. Check unit prices:

This is a really important thing to know- it’s not the package size that counts, it’s the price per unit. You can see that on the shelf next to the actual price of the product, so check it out to make sure to get the most bang for your buck.

4. Shop without your kids:

If this is at all possible, do it! You won’t get begged to buy treats or junk food you don’t need and don’t really want the kids to have anyway. If you’re already being smart and shopping with a list, shopping alone makes it a lot easier to stick to your list.

5. Don’t buy items at the checkout counter:

Oh, I know this is hard! You’re waiting on line, and that candy bar is calling your name! Or you’re so thirsty and there’s a cooler of drinks right at the checkout counter, so easy to reach for. Don’t! It’s more expensive that way; you’ll do better buying a larger pack of candy or a case of drinks.

6. Check your receipt:

This might sound silly, but trust me, it isn’t! I do it and more than once found errors!

7. Use leftovers:

Using up leftovers saves money in two ways: first of all, you avoid waste by using what you already have; and second, if you already have food you can eat you don’t need to buy more.

8. Use a smaller cart:

It’s all in our minds, and if you have a larger cart, you may feel like you have to fill it up. Use a smaller cart and watch it fill up faster- with less!

9. Ask for rain checks:

Say something you want to buy is on sale, but the store is out of stock- you don’t want to miss out on this smart buy. Go to customer service and ask for a rain check and you’ll be able to buy at the sale price when the item is back in stock, even if the sale is over.

10. DIY:

Isn’t this true for so many things? There are many foods that we buy because it’s convenient, but sometimes it’s not that hard to make at home and often a lot cheaper.

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