10 Creative Ways to Reuse Wrapping Paper

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Dealing with a mess of wrapping paper? Do you have extra rolls of the stuff and don’t know what to do with it? Or tons of discarded paper that came off gifts and you don’t have the heart to throw it away? The good news is that you can repurpose wrapping paper and give it new life! Remember, though, that if you have extra rolls of holiday paper you can always put it away and use it next year, and if it’s not holiday themed you can use it all year. But if you like to make a clean sweep of things (I totally get you!), here are ten things you can do with all the wrapping paper sitting around:

1. Confetti:

Shred or cut it into small pieces and you have instant (and free!) confetti for New Year’s Eve!

2. Packing:

Shred it for packing delicate objects, or wrap them with sheets of paper to help prevent breaking. Use your leftover wrapping paper to pack away your Christmas ornaments.

3. Paper beads:

Cut the paper into strips and make some colorful paper beads. Get instructions here.

4. Origami:

Cut the paper into squares and you don’t have to spend money on origami paper.

5. Line drawers:

Use instead of shelving paper for some extra pop.

6. Frame it:

Frame wrapping paper to create custom art. If you use holiday paper you now have some special holiday decorations!

7. Cover books:

Use wrapping paper to cover your kids’ textbooks. Cover any books for some DIY bookshelf decor.

8. Papier mâché:

Papier mâché is great for making so many fabulous crafts, and it’s fun and easy! Here are instructions for lots of fun projects.

9. Line trays:

Make your serving trays more festive by lining them with colorful wrapping paper.

10. Party banner:

Here’s how to make a party banner with wrapping paper.

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