10 Cool Ways to Use Candle Jars

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There’s something about candles as room decor. They add color and style, and when you light them you get instant ambience. And if those candles aren’t pretty enough, don’t you just love the candle jars? Some of them are works of art on their own, it feels like such a pity to throw them out when you’re done with the candle. So don’t! Here are some cool ways to reuse candle jars. It’s also exciting to know that upcycling is great for your budget!

1. Hold desk supplies:

Set up one or more candle jars on your desk to hold pens, paper clips, and other desk supplies.

2. Cosmetics holders:

Organize your beauty supplies in pretty candle jars for a decorative and interesting look.

3. Makeup brush holders:

You don’t have to go out and buy holders when you can reuse pretty candle jars to hold your makeup brushes. Don’t forget to clean those brushes regularly.

4. Bathroom product holder:

Set up a variety of candle jars to hold Q-tips, cotton balls, band-aids, and other bathroom toiletry items.

5. Plant succulents:

Use those nice candle jars to plant succulents.

6. Small vases:

Set up interesting flower arrangements using candle jars.

7. Art supplies holders:

Use candle jars to keep an art station neat and organized.

8. Button holder:

Toss extra buttons and loose buttons into a candle jar. They’ll always be handy and it looks nice too!

9. Herb garden:

Plant your own indoor herb garden in candle jars!

10. Spare change holder:

Keep a pretty candle jar at the front of your house or on your dresser to collect spare change. Watch it add up and then splurge!

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