10 Amazing Ways to Use Sugar

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I have to admit that our last blog post, 10 Amazing Ways to Use Salt, did actually blow my mind! I mean, who knew that such a simple, basic, and cheap household staple could do so much more than flavor our food? So I figured, if salt can do so many amazing things, I bet sugar could, too- and I was right! Here are some sweet ways that sugar is extremely useful around the house:

1. Exfoliate:

It’s easy to make a sugar scrub by combining sugar and some oil. Rub gently on face, body, lips, and rinse off to get rid of dull, dead skin.

2. Make lipstick last longer:

I love this sweet tip: After applying lipstick, sprinkle some sugar on your lips, leave for about a minute, and lick off.

3. Remove grass stains: 

Make a paste with water and sugar and apply to grass stains. You can rub with a clean toothbrush to really let it do its work, then let it sit for an hour and wash as usual.

4. Soothe a burned tongue:

Don’t you hate when you burn your tongue on hot food or drink, or something super spicy? Next time, sprinkle some sugar on the affected area and feel better right away!

5. Make flowers last longer:

Add 3 teaspoons sugar and 2 tablespoons white vinegar to the waters in your vase and your flowers will look beautiful longer.

6. Remove odors from hands:

No one likes onion scented hands! Rub with one tablespoon of sugar and liquid soap and rinse. Odor will be gone!

7. Heal a wound:

Sprinkle sugar on minor wounds before dressing and the antibacterial properties of the sugar will speed up healing.

8. Keep cookies fresh:

Add a few sugar cubes to your cookie jar.

9. Clean grinders:

Freshen your coffee and spice grinders with sugar. Run 1/4 cup sugar through the grinder and run for 2-3 minutes. Then pour out extra sugar and wipe clean.

10. Cure hiccups:

I can’t vouch for this one yet, but it’s worth a shot! Next time you have the hiccups, swallow a teaspoon of sugar and make them go away.

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