10 Amazing Ways to Use Aloe Vera

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Of course you’ve heard of aloe vera- so many skin products boast that aloe it one of its ingredients. And you know probably also already know that it’s good for soothing a sunburn, but aloe vera is more than just a skincare ingredient- aloe vera gel on its own has many health and beauty uses. You can buy the leaves in the store, but it’s also really easy to take care of an aloe vera plant, and that way you’ll always have it on hand. Check out these 10 amazing ways to use aloe for your health and beauty needs!

1. Treat kitchen burns:

If you’re a home cook, you’ve gotten your share of kitchen injuries, including minor burns. Soothe those burns and help them heal faster with a little aloe vera gel.

2. Soothe sunburn:

Most of us know about this already, and aloe is a great ingredient for skin cream, but you can apply the gel from the aloe vera leaf directly to sunburn for soothing relief.

3. Heal bruises faster:

Next time you get a bruise, apply some aloe and help it heal faster.

4. Soothe eczema:

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the itchiness from eczema.

5. Brighten skin:

Get your skin to glow, and help lighten dark spots by using aloe regularly.

6. Remove makeup:

Moisturize as you remove makeup when you use aloe gel.

7. Condition and moisturize hair:

You can use aloe vera as a hair conditioner.

8. Moisturize:

Aloe vera contains vitamins E and C, and lots of antioxidants, which makes it a nourishing moisturizer.

9. Fight acne:

Treat acne with aloe, which contains salicylic acid, which exfoliates and unclogs pores. This is much gentler on your skin than traditional acne products which can cause dry patches.

10. Exfoliate:

Mix some aloe gel with brown sugar, oatmeal, or the natural exfoliant of your choice to soften and smooth skin.

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