Coloring For Happiness

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I hate to put a cloud over things while it’s still summer, but we all know it’s time for back to school shopping again. And nobody loves that- except maybe my daughter, who finds it wildly exciting. I’m not writing here about back to school tips and other brilliance because I don’t like to focus on the negative. And anyway, I’ve done that already- a lot- and you can always go back and read those posts again any time you want. Read up on brilliant back to school hackseasy school lunch ideas, tips for a smooth transition into the new school year, and how to save money on new school clothes and school supplies.

So, speaking of school supplies, let’s all agree right now that there’s nothing like the smell of a new box of crayons! Or the shiny new tips before you wear them down. I always went crazy over a new set of markers, too, especially the ones with 20 colors! Maybe even as a kid I knew what people are learning now- that coloring is great for your mental health. Yup, coloring has become a trend among adults- you can buy coloring books for adults, or download coloring pages, that are meant to soothe your mind and spirit. There are even coloring apps you can download for free. Here’s why coloring can make you happy:

1. It’s a great form of mindfulness:

Mindfulness is a hot mental health buzzword these days because it’s important for relaxing and relieving anxiety. Coloring is grounding and meditative, so it calms you down.

2. It’s creative: 

Coloring let’s you express yourself creatively.

3. It’s portable:

You don’t have to invest a lot or lug a lot of equipment to color.

4. Patterns are soothing:

Coloring mandalas and geometric patterns reduces stress and anxiety because focusing on a single repetitive activity relaxes the brain.

5. Instant satisfaction: 

Coloring is easy. There’s no prep or training involved, and the results are immediate.

6. It brings you back to your inner child:

Try it! Start coloring and you’ll be brought back to a simpler time in your life.

7. It makes you focus:

Coloring utilizes a part of the brain that enhances focus and concentration, which has its own benefits. When you’re focused on coloring you’ll get a break from the things you usually worry about.

8. It requires your right and left brain:

Coloring enhances fine motor skills and balance and decision making. You’ll feel good about yourself!

If you have kids, you might not have a choice when it comes to back to school shopping. Or the headaches and stress that go with it. My advice? Take some Advil before you go to ward off that headache (I’m not a doctor!), and color when you get back to help calm you down!

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