9 Cool Ways to Use Scotch Tape

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In my house there’s either no scotch tape when you need it, or there’s an insane amount. That’s because when I’m running low, I forget about it until there’s nothing, and the stress of not having a piece of tape when you need it causes me to buy at least 5 rolls. So that’s how it’s been, but from now on, I’m going to make sure there’s always some tape around because I’ve found all these cool, new ways to use it!

1. Hold up a hem:

What do you do when you’re hem falls and you don’t have time to fix  it? Double sided tape to the rescue!

2. Pick up lint:

Don’t have a lint roller around? No problem, just pick up the lint with some tape!

3. Fix a frayed shoe lace:

Wrap some tape around the edge of a shoelace and you’ll be able to get it through the holes. It will also stop it from fraying more.

4. Pick up broken glass:

When I break glass, I pick up the large pieces and sweep up the shards, but somehow they don’t all make it into the dustpan- does this happen to you? Use some tape to pick up the smaller pieces.

5. Avoid scratching tables:

Stick some tape to the bottoms of your knick-knacks so they won’t scratch up your tables and dressers.

6. Fix small holes in a window screen:

The tiniest holes will let tiny bugs in. Patch them up with tape.

7. Ripen fruit:

I wish I’d know this one sooner! If you cut into a fruit and find it’s not ripe yet, close up the cut area with some tape and let it continue to ripen.

8. Clean your keyboard:

Slip tape between the rows on your keyboard to pick up dirt and dust.

9. Remove label glue:

Sure, you could buy products that do this, or soak the sticky object in vinegar, but it’s way easier to just use some tape to pick up the stuck adhesive.

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