8 Cool Ways to Use a Bar of Soap

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I don’t remember the last time I bought a bar of soap. I think I’ve always gone with liquid hand soap in a dispenser and shower gel for the shower. It just seems neater and more hygienic to me. But I’m planning to keep some bar soap around because I’ve recently learned it’s not just for cleaning your hands and body- it’s one of those cheap household items that do so much! Here are some ways to use it that you’ve never thought of:

1. Sewing:

Rub a sewing needle over the bar of soap and it will slide easily through difficult fabric. Can’t say I do much hand sewing (okay- any hand sewing), but definitely trying this the next time I have to sew on a button!

2. Squeaky floorboard:

What an annoying sound! And am I the only one who feels like I weigh 1,000 pounds when I cause a floorboard to squeak? Rub the soap over the squeaky area and get some peace!

3. Unstick a zipper:

Run the bar over a zipper and get it running smoothly.

4. Smelly shoes:

Wrap a bar of soap in paper towel and put in your shoe overnight to freshen.

5. Keep fingernails clean:

When you’ll be doing messy work- like gardening- keep your fingernails clean by gliding them over soap before you start. Be amazed at how they stay clean!

6. Squeaky door:

Rub the hinge with the soap to fix the squeak.

7. Stain remover:

Rub a wet bar of soap over the stain and then wash.

8. Soothe insect bite itch:

Rub the area with a wet bar of soap to relieve the itch.

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