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Free Movie App

Ratings: Get this deal Relaxing with a good movie or your favorite TV show is easy with SnagFilms, a free app for Apple and Android that gives you the ability to watch on almost any device when the time is right for you.

Free Hand Cleaner Sample

Ratings: Get this deal Request your free sample of Kresto Hand Cleaner. This product gets your hands so clean, no matter what kind of grime is on them, and then leaves them so soft it’s as if you’ve just rubbed in loti...

Sandy Wipes Sample

Ratings: Get this deal If only everything in life could be so simple! Sandy Wipes can clean almost every surface in your home, killing 99.9% of germs with a streak-free shine. Get a free sample pack of Sandy Extra Strength multipu...

Free Printable Father’s Day Cards

Ratings: Get this deal Don’t go out and spend  money on a Father’s Day card when you can print your own for free. And these are so adorable, too! Download these free printable Father’s Day cards and have your kid...

Free Bottle Of Sparkling Ice

Ratings: Get this deal Enter to play in the Sparkling Ice Flavor Face Off and you could be the face of your favorite flavor! Even more exciting, the winner gets a year’s supply of Sparkling Ice. Best of all, you’ll get...

Godiva Rewards Club

Ratings: Get this deal Chocolate makes everything better! Members of the Godiva Rewards Club get free chocolate each month and lots of other perks.

Playtex Sport Sample

Ratings: Get this deal It’s important to feel protected no matter what you’re doing. Playtex Sport can help! Choose your free Playtex Sport sample pack of Sport Liner + Tampon or Sport Pad + Tampon.

Gourmet Salt Blends Sample

Ratings: Get this deal Of course you’re already a great cook, but just see what happens when you use gourmet flavored salts! Try a free Gourmet Salt Blends sample of Rosemary, Lemon, and Garlic Salt.