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    Where are you finding the best freebies other than on CatchyFreebies? Please share your favorite freebie offers and sites to find them on!

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    I heard Get it Free was good. Does anyone use them?

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    Ariel Huffman
    Participant is one that I’ve had a lot of success with because it includes using coupons to get freebies from stores.

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    Kari Pavia

    I do use get it free and I have found that so far that is the best freebie website I’ve come across. If anyone else knows of better ones please inform us

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    Genevieve Jones

    I have been using freebie sites for the past month and a half and not a single one has proven that it is free.

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    Leslee Chase

    i am online alot looking for freebies, i started with finding free samples which normally is just one thing in the mail to finding sites where you can get a box of goodies. i have also found some sites where you can be picked to test out products for free and keep them as long as you give them feed back on the product. as well as a few free giveaway web sites. below is just a list of my favorite ones besides free stuff listed there is also discounts and coupon deals get a free sample box each month while supplies last can get from 3-5 samples you can get picked to get a free product to give a truthful review about and keep when your done. get a free sample box each month while supplies last us/canada option collect daily points that can be used to redeem free stuff (this one takes a while to accumulate enough points) this is for purell website where you can collect daily points that can be used to redeem free purell items or you can save up to get gift cards when they offer them in certian months. i started just last month and i already have 7,500 points. this is a prize give away website where you do entries so you can win free prizes no strings attached to anything its almost like winning the lottery with out buying a ticket. they have different Campaigns that you can chose from, there are polls, media challenge where you can collect points to be in the top 100 for free prizes and there are samples every so often, i have gotten a free bottle of 12 hour Robitussin that i reviewed on as well as getting 2 $5 amazon cards, a free package of o.b. tampons. i am curenttly waiting for my cottonelle sample, and fast acting advil they have Campaigns you can join and different Campaigns come with different items. my first Campaigns was BIC® Soleil® Glow® i got one free package of disposable razors and coupons to hand out to friends and family to try. my next Campaigns was Land O’ Lakes European Style Super Premium Butter they sent me a coupon for a free package of Land O’ Lakes European Style Super Premium Butter as well as coupons and recipe cards to hand out to friends and family. my next campaign was Crest Complete with Sugar Shield where i got a free full size tube of Crest Complete with Sugar Shield to try. right now i am apart of the Tropicana Vitamin C + Zinc campaign and am waiting for my full size bottle of Tropicana Vitamin C + Zinc as well as coupons to hand out to friends and family. all you have to do is at least 3 activites of a review so you can be invited to more campaigns

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    Lesa Hale
    I have received free items from these sites, most times though you do have to subscibe to the website offering that freebie. i have tried almost all the free giveaway sites and these are the best to me. :-}

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    Dodie Wallace

    I have numerously did survey after survey same questions over and over and have yet to receive my free stuff by mail I’m beginning to wonder if its even for real

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    Ashley Bowers
    Participant is awesome is ok

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    Kristy Mattingly

    Yes, I use Getitftree & they are good

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    Holly Murr

    I hope this is okay that I put this here. I love freebies and considered this a freebie. If inappropriate, I apologize ahead of time. I signed up for this not thinking that anything would come of it. It took two days. I received $1.50 total in my palpay. They send you up to two text messages a day and you will get 25-50 cents each. Signing up and confirming email got me $1.00. . I sign up for so much stuff I forgot til I got the message saying the money was added to my paypay. Holly Lynn Murr ( I am real, not spamming… again, I hope this is ok. )

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