Forum Rules

Here at CatchyFreebies, we believe in family, freebies, and fun! We thank you in advance for abiding by these Forum Rules and helping to create a positive, constructive atmosphere for sharing and discussing deals and freebies.

  1. Post all your best freebies (within reason)! Everyone loves freebies and coupons, but no one likes a spam bot. We won’t tell you you’re posting too much or too often, but we do reserve the right to remove spammy or illegible posts (i.e., posts with lots of links, huge pictures, or personal affiliate offers, etc.).


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  1. Keep your content family friendly. Please refrain from using swear words or offensive language – if you wouldn’t say it in front of a curious child, don’t post it here. We reserve the right to remove content and block users if we find the content inappropriate.


  1. Don’t harass fellow members. Hate speech or harassment in any form or for any reason is not welcome on the CatchyFreebies Forum. If you have an issue with another user or their content, please contact us directly and we will work to resolve it. This forum is not intended for personal conversations or comments – we encourage you to take those to Facebook or another social media platform! Users who harass others or post offensive content will have their content removed and their membership status revoked.


  1. Be respectful and constructive. Always be respectful of other users and their content. If you don’t like a post, keep looking for more great freebies! If someone’s grammar or spelling offends you, bite your tongue and think of all the fabulous offers you’ve already seen. Of course we reserve the right to remove disrespectful and unconstructive content.


We hope you enjoy the CatchyFreebies Forum!

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